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Possibilities, Not Problems


Startup Help Tools to facilitate understanding and decision making—on setting strategy and monitoring performance.


Startup Insights presenting ideas about what it takes to start a new venture and the different issues of entrepreneurship.


Directories of startup finance, funding for female founders, business incubators and accelerators, and other services—to ease your path to startup success.


Reflections on Startup practice, issues faced by founders, and how to deal with them. Here are real, human and wide social aspects of life driven by entrepreneurship.

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Advice for Purpose Driven Startups


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  • Will has mentored many like you
  • Inspires through questioning
  • Appreciates your thinking
  • Guides to assist discovery
  • Provides feedback
  • Transfer skills through coaching & modeling

Business Plan Review


Outside Insight

  • 7-day delivery of Will’s critique of existing draft business plan
  • Sympathetic outside review of the key parts of the plan
  • Dialog with someone who’s ‘been there, done that’
  • Leads to more focused final plan

Build Your Business Model


Reduce the Risk of Business Failure

  • Founder works with Will for creative energy
  • Business Model Canvas – deceptively simple graphic
  • Share with associates for synergy
  • Final draft built has gained strength

e-Books for Purpose Driven Startups

E-book cover: Founders Stay Afloat

Founders Stay Afloat:
By Tracking 25 Vital Facts and Figures


By tracking 25 vital facts & figures is basically a handbook that helps founders keep their fingers…

Full description and sample chapter >>

E-book cover: Founders Are Storytellers

Founders Are Storytellers:
Be Convincing Wherever You Are


Startup storytelling is the most effective form of communication available to the entrepreneur…

Full description and sample chapter >>

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