Inspiring Reflections on Entrepreneurship

Inspiring Reflections on Entrepreneurship: Here you will find many reflections on issues of importance to founders. These reflections come from my long entrepreneurial and MBA teaching experience, together with contemporary business startup issues. They cover things that may confront you on your own entrepreneurial journey and that are not likely to be in any textbook, or source of advice for entrepreneurs.

When you are yourself, pausing for breath in your 25-hour day, they may provide a starting point for something that you’d not thought about, or give you an alternative view of something with which you have been struggling.

I know that in my early days of entrepreneurship, I valued such ideas. I often lent on the ideas of people whom I respected. One, for example, was Sven Atterhed, the founder of a Swedish outfit called the Foresight Group, where he’s still chairman. For instance, he invited me and my co-founder to a conference on ‘intuitive leadership’. The ideas we played with at the conference had a strong impact on the culture of the firm we built. Happily Sven is still a good friend to this day, 35 years later.

Delve into this section of the Venture Founders website and you might find a surprising inspiration lurking there.

Current List of Reflections

This is a list of my reflections on the entrepreneurial journey. I invite you read those that catch your attention, reflect yourself and please feel free to comment on them or share your thoughts with me.

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