Balanced Entrepreneurs Succeed Being While Doing

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Balanced entrepreneurs succeed in the new economy. While there’s no evidence that unbalancedbalanced entrepreneurs succeed entrepreneurs fail, my observation is that entrepreneurs who succeed, naturally strive, work their socks off and manifest consistent perseverance, while at the same time stay awake, notice behavior and reactions, and stay in the moment.

Balanced entrepreneurs succeed, because they do not go bull-headed at everything. They avoid making similar mistakes over and over. For instance, if a promotional method doesn’t work, they avoid carrying on using the same technique and upping the budget, they pause and consider carefully why sales have not increased.

Balanced entrepreneurs succeed, because their determination and non-stop doing does not occlude their awareness of being themselves, with all their limitations and frailties.

Mindfulness Leads to Balanced Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial mindfulness helps entrepreneurs to see opportunities more clearly. Too many allow a predilection for doing to dominate their behavior. Chances are high that not-stop action will lead to missing signals and result in regrettable decisions. Just being and allowing, is more likely to result in ethical choices in strategic thinking and help to avoid decisions that have negative repercussions. The ability to feel compassion for others, both within the company and in the marketplace are very likely to not only engender gratitude, but also to avoid censure. 

Such mindfulness will not only engender positive feelings, but in my experience, will also lead to better business outcomes. This is why I say balanced entrepreneurs succeed. Research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental mindfulness changes the brain. The changes are potentially useful to entrepreneurship. It seems that mindfulness can reduce cortisol levels as well as thicken grey matter in the brain, improving the ability to handle information. Thereby it helps the entrepreneur both to improve focus and enhance creativity.

Throughout the day, business creators—good ones at least—are thinking of many things, almost simultaneously. But by being in the present moment and being aware of those thoughts, feelings and the environment surrounding them, without prejudice and judgement, helps to avoid rash decisions. Rash decisions are likely to lead to an increase in risk. Diminishing risk is very likely to lead to improved performance and outcomes.

Empowering Entrepreneurs to Create a Sustainable Future

A cyber friend of mine is Malte Krohn is a PhD student in Hamburg, Germany. He started exploring the craft of innovation during his BEng degree in Product Development and Material Science. However, it bothered him to have such a limited perspective, so he learned to look at innovation from a business point of view. Now, as part of his studies he writes about entrepreneurial mindfulness on his blog, On Minds and Motion. I strongly recommend you visit.It will enlighten your understanding of why balanced entrepreneurs succeed.

Malte’s focus is now to research and refine his definition that, “Entrepreneurial mindfulness empowers entrepreneurs to sustainably create the future from the present moment. This cognitive mode of Being-while-Striving combines an entrepreneurial mindset with the awareness and skill to deliberatively shift between consciously envisioning the future and mindfully acting from the present moment. Furthermore, it implies the (self-) compassion to appreciate one’s own and our global ecosystems’ capacity.”

His purpose is to encourage a more enlightened way of being an entrepreneur.If you want to read more right here on Venture Founders, try these helpful pages: Founders Pause for Breath, Mindful Work, First Class Noticers, and Startup Statements of Intent.

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