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Purpose Driven Startup Blog: the Purpose Driven Founders Blog is focused on venture creation and entrepreneurship. It aims to provide interest, knowledge and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially to those seeking to create a new venture with a bold sense of purpose.

purpose driven founders blogPurpose driven startups actually perform better than those who are solely profit driven. Many authors confirm this. Here’s one at Fast Company for you to look at. The writer lists four imperatives, but I’d add a fifth and vital one: design ways for to ensure that everyone’s actions match the declared sense of purpose.

I am an entrepreneur myself, taught new venture creation on an MBA program and for many years have been mentor to people starting businesses and nonprofits on three continents. I have been a board member of a regional venture capital company in France, and on the boards of nonprofits in the US, France and the UK. I have served as a government adviser in the UK and had a corporate career for a dozen years (including time as an intrapreneur).

Be sure to keep returning to the Purpose Driven Startup Blog for help, advice, directories and tools—to give your startup a promising lift off, or your early-stage venture real advantages to flourish. I post irregularly, but often. My whole aim is support your endeavors to change the world for the benefit of all.

The whole website is a compendium of support for the enterprising founder who is breaking new ground. As well as information and advice on how to create and manage a different kind of enterprise, there is a huge amount of very practical material on all the essential functions of any startup: strategy, finance, marketing & sales, employment and human relations.

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