Insights for Founders

Insights for Founders: These Insights present ideas about what it takes to start a venture and the different issues of entrepreneurship. They are filled with information as well as commentary on how to address the issues. Take a look at the whole list and see what may either spark your interest or cover an issue that you confront. New Venture Founders Insights are being prepared all the time on topics that I think are important and/or timely.

Some Insights are short and more inspirational, while others are full of detailed information and references that can be followed up. They are in six broad categories of importance to all entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship; Leadership; Strategy; Outside Help; Marketing; Finance; and People.

In the spirit of community, please do make contact and suggest topics which you consider important to include in the future.

Current List of Insights for Founders

Insights To Entrepreneurship

Insights To Strategy

Insights To Leadership

Insights To Outside Help

Insights To Marketing

Insights To Finance

Insights To People

Insights To Purpose

Insights To Female Founders

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