Startup Workshops Refine Your Ideas and Be Stimulated by Fellow Learners

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Startup Workshops: The best startup workshop that I ever attended was one designed to enable a venturestartup workshops capital company to decide on potential startup investments.

Lead entrepreneurs from about a dozen putative startups attended a series of three long weekend residential startup workshops.

Rather than assessing business plans, the startup workshop leaders assessed the entrepreneurs themselves and how they:

  1. spotted opportunities,
  2. solved problems,
  3. learned from failures,
  4. worked in small teams,
  5. evaluated risk,
  6. dealt with pressure,
  7. handled competition,
  8. demonstrated leadership,
  9. presented ideas,
  10. formed relationships.

The startup workshops were fast-paced and fun, was not ‘taught’, but ‘led’ by the team of a member of the VC company, a business school professor and a psychologist. Most of the evaluation occurred in the minds of the participants, so that when the eventual feedback came from the leaders at the end of the three weekends, none of it was a surprise.

The exercises were not ‘business-school’ formula, like case studies, but rather they were hands on exercises, mostly not carried on behind desks but in activity. Examples included building complex structures with Lego bricks in a compressed amount of time; playing horseshoes for money, working out numerical puzzles but not in a business context, or creating virtual products to meet expressed needs.

At the end of the series of startup workshops, I was selected as one of three participants to be followed up by the venture capitalists. However, in the event we concluded that my firm was not one needing venture capital, since it was in vaporware rather than hardware. However, my ‘takeaways’ were very valuable, and it cost me nothing but my time.

Free Startup Workshops

You will probably not be as lucky as me, back in 1980, to find such an event, but now you have the advantage of finding many workshops for founders online. Many business schools and other universities offer free online programs for entrepreneurs. They are well worth your time, at least to find out what they cover and determine whether they meet your needs.

Another source of free or low-cost startup workshops is your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). They are sometimes sponsored by a university, community college or State. My nearest SBDC is sponsored by a Development Corporation. You can find yours most easily using a search by Zip Code at America’s SBDC.

Probably the nearest equivalent to my best workshop are programs run by business accelerators. Like my VC run workshops, they are competitive to join. To be successful in the selection process, your new venture will be further down the trail than “I have this amazing idea for a new business.” To find an accelerator appropriate for you, visit the Venture Founders Directory of Incubators and Accelerators.

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