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Maker and Hacker Spaces Directory USA: There are more than 150 entries in the Maker and Hacker Spaces Directory USA, which has been updated and improved in summer 2022. Please write to to make additions, updates or more improvements.

New opportunities for entrepreneurs exist in maker and hacker spaces. They are not just for geeks and tinkerers. They provide a challenging environment where ideas are flashing. They are also communities where networking is the norm. The description, ‘maker and hacker spaces’ are often somewhat misleading, because they have what most coworking spaces have: stimulation and flexibility.

Maker and hacker spaces vary enormously, as do the facilities and equipment they have. Hacker spaces, as the name impliesMaker and Hacker Spaces Directory USA have an IT and/or IoT (Internet of Things) focus. Both may have equipment like 3-D printers, CNC machining, electrical equipment, darkrooms, woodworking or sewing equipment. Other spaces are for artists and creatives. You would need to visit (at least online), to find out if they have what you need.

Here’s one for example, Decateurmakers, in the image on the right. They cater for tinkerers, artists, woodworkers, engineers, sewers, welders, crafters, scientists, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, or general dreamers and thinkers. They say, “we’ll empower you with new skills through a supportive & diverse community of fellow makers, and inspiring hands-on maker experiences”.

There are some that are highly specialized—bio-science is one example. Many maker and hacker spaces attract creatives and have appropriate materials and equipment.

New Opportunities for Tech, Arts, Craft Entrepreneurs

Maker and Hacker Spaces are often run by nonprofits and may be open to kids and inventors, as much as to entrepreneurs. Some indeed, are affiliated with Libraries or Colleges. They frequently seek external finance, as well as charging membership fees. Many offer open days or evenings where interested potential members can find out more.

maker and hacker space directory usaBe aware that Maker and Hacker Spaces come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different ownership structures. Also, their specialisms vary widely. Some for example, are just for kids, others for artists and yet others specialize in a particular technique or process, eg 3-D printing.

Look carefully at the websites in the Directory, to make sure the space offers what you are looking for.

You can see from the floor plan of i3 Detroit that the variety and range of facilities would be likely to inspire many creative people, beyond their own field of work. Tinkerers delight in such spaces. Although ‘to tinker’ may sound like a derogatory term, from such work, many inspired innovations and companies are born.

Much innovation comes from transfers from one realm to another or by combining different skills and techniques.The Fourth Industrial Revolution is much written and talked about and interpretations of what it is actually are many and varied.

Rapid changes in technology, industries, as well as social patterns and processes in the 21st century due to increasing interconnectivity and smart automation. Changing social mores too, have an impact. There are more and more new business applications, with the figure for 2021 rising above 5 million over the previous twelve months. Many of of those are solopreneurs, who may well stay single person businesses, and need significant support and mentoring. Maker and hacker spaces could well experience high growth in near future.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in this Directory, then you may want to try the Coworking Directory—USA, or the Business Incubator and Accelerator Directory—USA.

Maker and Hacker Spaces Directory USA


Makers Local 256 (Huntsville)

Mobile Makerspace (Mobile)

Red Mountain Makers (Birmingham)


Gangplank (Queen Creek)

Heatsync Labs (Mesa)

Xerocraft (Tucson)


Ace Makerspace (Oakland)

Biocurious (Santa Clara)

Bio, Tech and Beyond (Carlsbad)

Chimera Arts (Sebastopol)

Counterculture Labs (Oakland)

Crashspace (Los Angeles)

Curious Forge (Nevada City)

Davis Makerspace (currently looking for a new space in Davis)

Double Union (San Francisco)

Fresno Idea Works (Fresno)

Hacker DoJo (Mountain View)

Hacker Lab (Sacramento)

Hackerspace LA (Los Angeles)

HexLab Makerspace (Lake Balboa)

Idea Fab Labs (Chico)

LA Makerspace (Los Angeles)

Mag Laboratory (Walnut)

Radicand (San Francisco)

Robot Garden (Livermore)

Root Access (Fresno)

SB Hackerspace (Santa Barbara)

Sudo Room (Oakland)

The Build Shop (Los Angeles)

The Crucible (Oakland)

23b Shop (Fullerton)

Urban Workshop (Costa Mesa)


Denhac (Denver)

Fort Collins Creator Hub (Fort Collins)

Pikes Peak Maker Space (Colorado Springs)

Solid State Depot (Boulder)

Tinkermill (Longmont) https://www.tinkermill.or


CT Hackerspace (Watertown)

Make Haven (New Haven)

Nesit (Meriden)

Rippowam Labs (Fairfield County)


NextFab (Wilmington)


FamiLab (Orlando)

Gainesville Hackerspace (Gainesville)

MakerFX (Orlando)

Melbourne Makerspace (Melbourne)

Tampa Hackerspace (Tampa)


Decatur Makers (Decatur)

Georgia Cyber Center (Augusta)

The Maker Station (Marietta)


Maui Makers (Puunene)


Fox.Build (Saint Charles)

i3 Detroit (Detroit)

Makerspace Urbana (Urbana)

M Hub (Chicago)

Pumping Station: One (Chicago)

River City Labs (Peoria)

South Side Hackerspace (Chicago)


Make South Bend (South Bend)

MakerHive (Elkhart)


Area 515 (Des Moines)

Cedar Valley Makers (Waterloo)

QC Co-Lab (Davenport)


Make (Wichita) ICT


Kre8Now (Lexington)

Louisville Hackerspace (Louisville)


Maine Fab Lab (Biddeford)

Rockland Steelhouse (Rockland)


Baltimore Node (Baltimore)

Fab Lab Baltimore (Baltimore)

Greenbelt Makerspace (Greenbelt)

Unallocated (Baltimore/Washington)


Artisans’ Asylum (Lower Allston)

Cambridge Hackspace (Sommerville)

Einstein’s Workshop (Burlington)

Lowell Makes (Lowell)

Manchester Makerspace (Manchester)

Technopia (Worcester)


All Hands Active (Ann Arbor)

Lansing Makers Network (Lansing)

Maker Works (Ann Arbor)

Jackson Makerspace (Jackson)

Tech Brewery (Ann Arbor)


Duluth Maker Space (Duluth)

Twin Cities Makerspace (Minneapolis)


Arch Reactor (St Louis)

Hammerspace (Kansas City)

Inventor Forge (St Peters)


Bozeman Makerspace (Bozeman)


Omaha Maker Group (Omaha)

New Hampshire

Makeitlabs (Nashua)

Makers Mill (Wolfeboro)

Port City Makerspace (Portsmouth)

New Jersey

Fubar Labs (North Brunswick)

Maker Bar (Hoboken)

New Mexico

Make Santa Fe (Santa Fe)

New York

Eyebeam (Brooklyn)

Fat Cat Fab Lab (NYC)

Genspace (Brooklyn)

Hack Manhattan (NYC)

Hardware Hack Lab (NYC)


Ithaca Generator (Ithaca)

Squid Wrench (Highland)

Triple Cities Makerspace (Binghampton)


Bridgewire Makerspace (Sparks)

Syn Shop (Las Vegas)

North Carolina

Ashville Makers (Asheville)

Foothills Community Workshop (Granite Falls)

Splat Space (Durham)

Forge Greensboro (Greensboro)


Akron Makerspace (Akron)

Big Fab Lab (bowling Green)

BuildMore Workshop (Columbus)

Hive 13 (Cincinnatti)

Idea Foundry (Columbus)

Knox Labs (Mount Vernon)

Makers’ Alliance (Cleveland)


Art Design Exchange (Portland)

Eugene Makerspace (Eugene)

PDX Hackerspace (Portland)

Rogue Hack Lab (Medford)

Watershed PDX (Portland)


Hack PGH (Pittsburgh)

Hive 76 (Philadelphia)

Make Lehigh Valley (Allentown)

Next Fab (Philadelphia)

Makespace (State College)

Rhode Island

AS220 (Providence)

South Carolina

Reforge (Charleston)


CBI Maker Space(Crossville)

Knox Makers (Knoxville)

Make Nashville (Nashville)

Mid South Makers (Bartlett)


Asmbly (Austin)

Creatorspace (League City)

Dallas Makerspace (Dallas)

Fab Lab El Paso (El Paso)

Ten Bit Works (San Antonio)

The (Richardson)

TXRX Labs (Houston)


801 Labs (Salt Lake City)

Make Salt Lake (Salt Lake City)

Syn Shop (Las Vegas)


The Foundry (Lyndon)

Generator (Burlington)


757 Makerspace (Norfolk)

Hacksburg (Blacksburg)

Vector Space (Lynchburg)


Bellingham Makerspace (Bellingham)

Confluent (Richland)

Hazard Factory (Seattle)

North End Makerspace (Seattle)

Seattle Makers (Seattle)

SnoCo Makerspace (Everett)

SODO Makerspace (Seattle)


Milwaukee Makerspace (Milwaukee)

The Bodgery (Madison)

PLEASE NOTE: If you make contact with any of these organizations, it would be very kind if you would tell them that you came to know about them through Thank you.

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