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CoWorking Spaces: Coworking is a fast-growing movement to provide flexible shared workspaces. Many coworking spaces offer virtualcoworking offices as well as physical space to the artist and entrepreneur. Most coworking spaces offer space by the hour, desk or individual office.

The benefits of using coworking spaces are considerable, both in terms of ‘getting out of the house’, but in sharing facilities and networking with other tenants and users. Although this directory is of coworking spaces, many have maker spaces as well (but look at the Venture Founders Directory of Maker and Hacker Spaces, too. Some also offer virtual working possibilities.

Since numbers of coworking spaces are increasing rapid, this directory will tend to fall out date, but a service that covers major cities in the US is Croissant. By joining you can get ready access to hundreds of spaces in Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Boston.

Chains of coworking spaces are multiplying themselves, as this working and startup space phenomenon becomes more and more popular and evolved. It may well be worth your while looking at the Multiple Locations listing below, if you don’t find what you want, or even if you do. Also, I suggest you look at the Venture Founders Directory of Business Incubators and Accelerators, for many of them may provide much more what you’re looking for.

Given that Coworking Spaces are so popular now, you need to be very selective, to be sure that the location you pick really meets both your operational needs and your ‘cultural’ ones. Some sites are run by non-profits, some are operated by real-estate investors, while others are run by groups of individuals. Economic development organizations are sometimes involved, too. Many have industrial and commercial sponsors.

Many offices used by coworking spaces are converted from abandoned or empty buildings, hence sometimescoworking spaces
making accommodation affordable to entrepreneurs who are cash-strapped.

Since some coworking spaces are sponsored by city authorities or nonprofits that are able to procure interesting properties at prices unavailable to other companies offering small office rentals. Indeed, some of the operators with multiple commerical coworking locations are real estate companies, rather than organizations with any particular social purpose.

One of the prettiest spaces I have come across is the Blue House in New Orleans, just south of the French Quarter (listing below). It describes itself as “welcoming, communal, and casual; it’s where new connections are made through the wide variety of programming that makes The Blue House more than a traditional coworking space.”

Significance of the Coworking

The significance of the coworking phenomenon is great on several dimensions. It is encouraging the entrepreneurial wave against a background of the diminishing number of startups over recent years. Based on the development of community, it is sponsoring mutuality and learning among those who might have had ideas, but lacked support.

Whereas business incubators and more so, accelerators, have a heavy financial focus, my view is that coworking spaces are much more facilitative of the human aspects of what it takes to start an enterprise. The interactions that come from the social aspect of coworking enable innovators and business creators to network with others in different disciplines.


More and more specialization is happening in the coworking movement. Examples include Louisville Bespoke in Kentucky (see listing) which is just for fashion makers. Another example is Geekdom in San Antonio, TX (see listing) whose purpose is to provide “an environment where we empower and inspire innovators in order to transform our world for the better.” Koi Creative in White Plains, NY (see listing), calls itself ‘hybrid’, in that it caters for creatives. LearnLaunch in Boston (see listing) specializes in edtech. The Food Loft in Boston (see listing) is in the food sector, as is Branchfood (see listing), also in Boston. Greentown Labs in Boston (see listing) is devoted to cleantech.

Green Coworking is growing, too. Examples include Greenspaces in Denver (see listing) and pet-friendly Greendesk has several locations (see Multiple Locations listing). Several coworking spaces have fitness facilities, but I have just come across one in Nebraska that includes basketball, volleyball and soccer (see listing for Thrive Space).

Hoffice—Coworking Space at Home

Another related (Swedish) phenomenon is the co-called ‘hoffice’, where someone opens up their home to others as a workspace. The work spaces are free of charge, making use a during-the-day underused resource. They allow individuals to benefit from the support and intelligence of the collective, but so far as I can tell, the idea has not really taken root in the US.

Coworking with Childcare

A further exciting new development is coworking spaces with childcare, yes with child care. Examples include The Cube in Baltimore, Nido in Durham NC, The Inc in Seattle WA, Play, Work or Dash VA, The Hive TX, The Hatchery MO (all listed below). Alley in Boston is another that is part of Verizon. These locations are obviously more for millennials, but grandparents who help out with childcare for their children, while they create a startup (the average age for new entrepreneurs is 45), they can be a boon, too.

Coworking by/for Women

There is a growing trend of coworking spaces being owned and/or designed for female entrepreneurs and other creatives. Examples include in The Commons (see Minnesota listings), The Hivery (see California listings), Paper Dolls (see California listings), The Riveter (see California listings), Hera Hub (see Multiple Locations listings), The Wing (see New York listings). Other examples are CowerkHers in Portland, Maine (see listing), The Meeting Place in Biloxi Mississippi (see listing) is women and veteran owned. There are beginning to be Coworking spaces combined with fitness facilities; one example is Movement in Westbrook, Maine (see listing).

Coliving—no Kids

And newer still are coliving spaces, where you can both live and work, though generally not permanently. You can see a site devoted to coliving or try individual locations like Roam, which is an international network of coliving spaces. Ollie is another coliving space with a number of locations (where you can rent permanently). Others include Common, and Tribe Coliving.

…and Coliving with Coworking

The Collective is a pioneering combination of coliving with coworking; take a look! Startup Temple is a co-living space that hosts entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and professional community from all over the world in San Francisco. The Outpost Club has several houses in NYC and enables professional networking, and as they say, for tech startups, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, professionals, students, and anyone looking to move to a new city and meet new people.

…or Coliving and Coworking and Incubating on Vacation!

Digital nomads and online entrepreneurs may well be tempted by going to exotic places for inspiration and networking at DNX Camp—a German startup offering short-term stays in vacation destinations. A competitor with locations in seven in US vacation and destination cities as well as several overseas, is Outsite. If you want an added new cultural opportunity, then you could try Isthara, a startup in India offering coworking/living.

There are digital Nomads making use of several coworking spaces as they move about the country in pursuit of their startup or business needs, since most coworking spaces make desk space available on a short-term basis.

…and even change the world?!

The Assemblage is a coworking and coliving place in NYC, that goes even further, by declaring that they “believe in making a living as a function of positive impact on others, and exploring the highest service that our lives can offer to the whole.” In addition they have in The Assemblage Sanctuary, a 140 acre property in Upstate NY “to slow down, connect with nature and exchange ideas around consciousness, science, philosophy and culture”. The Social Innovation Forum in Boston see listing), as it’s name implies, “provides a combination of capacity and network building to create positive social change” in greater Boston.

Directory of Coworking and Living Spaces

This Directory of Coworking Spaces, even though it lists over 500 spaces it is incomplete—for sure, since there were estimated to be more than 4,000 in the USA in 2017. There are now so many choices to choose from, you will need to make your selection after very careful consideration of your needs, especially in big cities. Rural areas are naturally less well served, but search yourself through your networks and local contacts.

When you are considering using a coworking space, you will obviously consider issues like location, price, facilities and who is there already. I suggest that before you decide, you give thought to:

  • who owns and/or manages the space, checking that their values and purpose are aligned with your own;
  • whether the cost will be justified by the people you’re likely to meet and the complementary skills you’ll find;
  • the flexibility of contracts, since your needs will probably change during the time that you work there;
  • if there is any kind of training or events that will enhance you own skillset—are they free or paid;
  • will they flood you services that you don’t yet need, or do they have good connections with suppliers you do.

Please write to to make additions, updates or improvements.


  1. Ampersand (Montgomery)
  2. Container Yard (Mobile)
  3. CoWorx (Montgomery)
  4. Exchange (Mobile)
  5. Forge (Birmingham)
  6. Huntsville Hub (Huntsville)
  7. Huntsville West Cowering (Huntsville)
  8. Innovation Depot (Birmingham)
  9. MakeBHM (Birmingham)
  10. The Hub (Birmingham)
  11. Social Venture (Birmingham)
  12. Women’s CEO Alliance (Dothan)


  1. The Boardroom (Anchorage)
  2. The Hub (Fairbanks)


  1. Co Hoots (Phoenix)
  2. Connect (Tucson)
  3. Coworking on 15th Ave (Phoenix)
  4. Deskhub (Phoenix)
  5. Elevate Coworking (Phoenix)
  6. EZ Spaces (Gilbert)
  7. Gangplank (Avondale, Chandler, Queen Creek)
  8. Infinity Coworking (Chandler)
  9. Momplex (Gilbert, with childcare)
  10. The Department (Phoenix)
  11. Union Workspace (Phoenix)


  1. Centerspace (Fayetteville)
  2. Grit Studios (Bentonville)
  3. The Hive (Little Rock)
  4. Jolt Office Hub (Maumelle)
  5. Startup Junkie (Fayetteville)


  1. Blankspaces (Santa Monica, LA, Pasadena, Culver City)
  2. Capsity (Sacramento)
  3. Enerspace (Palo Alto)
  4. Hackerlab (Sacramento, Rocklin)
  5. Hatch (San Francisco)
  6. Hera Hub (San Diego, Carlsbad—women)
  7. Ignited Spaces (LA)
  8. Impact Hub (LA)
  9. Kleverdog Coworking (LA)
  10. Mountain Lab (Tahoe)
  11. Next Space (Santa Cruz, Berkeley, San Jose)
  12. Office Slice (Sherman Oaks)
  13. Opodz (LA)
  14. Paper Dolls (LA, women)
  15. Parisoma (San Francisco)
  16. Runway (San Francisco)
  17. Sandbox Suites (San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto)
  18. Satellite Workspace Centers (Felton, Gilroy, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Sunnyvale)
  19. Shared (San Francisco)
  20. Spherepad (San Francisco)
  21. The Hivery (Mill Valley, women)
  22. The Port Workspaces (Oakland)
  23. The Riveter (Los Angeles, women)
  24. The Vault (San Francisco)
  25. Union Cowork (San Diego)
  26. Urban Hive (Sacramento)
  27. Village Workspace (LA, Santa Monica)


  1. Connexion Spot (Castle Rock)
  2. Cosolve (Longmont)
  3. Density Cowering (Denver)
  4. Elevate Cospace (Brekenridge, Frisco)
  5. Enterprise (Denver, Greenwood Village)
  6. Epicentral Coworking (Colorado Springs)
  7. Goosetail Spaces (Louisville, Sloan’s Lake)
  8. Green Spaces (Denver, green)
  9. Impact Hub Boulder (Boulder)
  10. Industry Denver(Denver)
  11. Jefferson’s Study (Fort Collins)
  12. Loveland Creator Space (Loveland)
  13. Modworks (Denver)
  14. Shift Workspaces (Corona)
  15. Simpaticoworking (Eagle)
  16. The Enclave (Colorado Springs)
  17. Thrive Workplace (Denver, Arvada)


  1. B:Hive (Bridgeport)
  2. Co-Work Enfield (Enfield)
  3. Desk Crashers (New Haven)
  4. District (New Haven)
  5. Drive New Haven (New Haven)
  6. Guilford Coworking (Guilford)
  7. Plexpod (Lenexa, Westport, Crossroads)
  8. ReSet (Hartford)
  9. Sono Spaces (South Norwalk)
  10. Spark Coworking (New London)
  11. The Grove (New Haven)
  12. Upward Hartford (Hartford)
  13. West Hartford Co-Working (West Hartford)
  14. Workpoint Stamford (Stamford)


  1. 1313 Innovation (Wilmington)
  2. The Mill (Wilmington)
  3. The Hub at 1201 (Wilmington)


  1. Axis Space (Fort Lauderdale)
  2. Büro (Miami)
  3. Catalyst (Orlando)
  4. Catapult (Lakeland)
  5. Cendyn Spaces (Boca Raton)
  6. CIC (Miami)
  7. City Desk (Miami)
  8. CoLab
  9. CoWork (Tampa)
  10. Domi Station (Tallahassee)
  11. Flamingo House (Boca Raton)
  12. General Provision (Fort Lauderdale)
  13. Lab Miam Miami)
  14. Palletized (Doral)
  15. Starthub (Miami)
  16. Starter Studio (Orlando)
  17. Station 2 Innovation (Bradenton)
  18. Tampa Bay Wave (Tampa Bay)
  19. The Nest Coworking (Orange Park)
  20. The Rocket Lounge (Fort Myers)
  21. The Studio (West Palm Beach) 1016


  1. AEI Startup Factory
  2. Atlanta Tech Village
  3. Berthold Building
  4. Buckhead
  5. Constellations
  6. Fireworks (Marietta)
  7. Newtown Macon
  8. The Clubhouse
  9. The Office at College Hill
  10. SharedSpace
  11. Spaces
  12. Strongbox West
  13. Switchyards
  14. Thrive


  1. BoxJelly
  2. Hawaii Tech Works
  3. Spaces Maui


  1. The Office Sandpoint
  2. Trailhead
  3. Work Farm


  1. 25N Coworking
  2. 1871
  3. Catapult Chicago
  4. Coalition
  5. CoGen Coworking
  6. Cowork Crystal Lake
  7. Coworkers Link
  8. Desk Labs
  9. Eiger Lab
  10. Free Range Office
  11. LifeWorking Coworking
  12. Next Space
  13. Office Port
  14. Onward Coworking
  15. Oswego Coworking
  16. Platform Coworking
  17. REv3 Innovation Center
  18. Second Shift
  19. Shift Coworking
  20. The Nest Coworking
  21. Village Coworking
  22. Workspring


  1. 19 Eighty
  2. CoLab
  3. Cowork
  4. Current Blend
  5. green Cow Coworking
  6. HeadQuarters
  7. Launch Indy
  8. Launch Terre Haute
  9. Match Box Coworking Studio
  10. Speakeasy
  11. The Source
  12. Vesuvius Indiana
  13. Zoseco Coworking
  14. Zworks


  1. CoWork QC
  2. Gravitate
  3. Loft Coworking
  4. Merge
  5. Millrace
  6. Springboard Coworking
  7. Startup Dubuque
  8. The Depot
  9. Vault Coworking


  1. eCafé
  2. The Hive
  3. Iron Clad Coworking
  4. Labor Party
  5. The Village Square Studio
  6. Think Big Coworking


  1. CSpace
  2. Louisville Bespoke
  3. The Park
  4. Platform 53
  5. Story Louisville


  1. Beta
  2. The Blue House
  3. Columbia Coworking
  4. Landing Zone
  5. Launch Pad
  6. Matchbox
  7. Propeller
  8. The Shop
  9. The Warehouse
  10. Workspace at Myrtle Banks


  1. Anchor Space
  2. Bricks Coworking
  3. Cloudport
  4. Covort
  5. CoworkHers
  6. Engine Room
  7. Local Host
  8. Movement Coworking
  9. Munka Coworking
  10. NedSpace
  11. Peloton Labs
  12. SoPoCo Works
  13. The Alcove
  14. The Public Works
  15. Think Tank Coworking
  16. UpStart


  1. Beehive
  2. Brewers Hill Hub
  3. Cowork Frederick
  4. Creative Colony
  5. I/O Spaces
  6. Spark
  7. The Cube


  1. Alley
  2. Alpha Landmark
  3. Amherst Works
  4. Branchfood
  5. Cambridge Coworking
  6. CapeSpace
  7. Clearly Working
  8. CIC
  9. Click Workspace
  10. Commons Coworking
  11. Canopy
  12. Cowork Hudson
  13. Cowork Springfield
  14. Cove
  15. CIC
  16. Easthampton Co.Lab
  17. Fields Corner Business Lab
  18. Framework Pittsfield
  19. Geek Offices
  20. Greentown Labs
  21. Groundwork
  22. Idea Space
  23. Industry Lab
  24. InTeaHouse
  25. Koa Labs
  26. Launch Salem
  27. LearnLaunch
  28. MDP Cowering
  29. Merrimack Valley Sandbox
  30. Natick CoWorking
  31. Ngin Workspace
  32. Oficio
  33. Plug
  34. Social Innovation Forum
  35. South Shore
  36. The Food Loft
  37. The Village Works
  38. Vita Therapia
  39. Wheelhouse
  40. Workbar
  41. Workspace 45
  42. Workswell Collaborative


  1. Acorn Studios
  2. Ampersand
  3. Assemble
  4. Baker Lofts
  5. Bamboo Detroit
  6. Blue 35
  7. CoLab
  8. CoLABorative
  9. CoMilan
  10. Dwellers Coworking
  11. Energize
  12. The Factory
  13. Frontal Lobe
  14. GoWork
  15. Grand Circus
  16. Hunt Street Station
  17. Metro Workspace
  18. Quincy Coworking
  19. Second Shift
  20. Share Space Rochester
  21. Space
  22. Spacelab
  23. Terra Square
  24. The Back Office Studio
  25. Workantile
  26. WorkLab


  1. COCO
  2. Collider
  3. Evolve Workplace
  4. Flock
  5. Modernwell (women)
  6. TenBelow Coworking
  7. The Commons
  8. The Coven (women)
  9. The Reserve
  10. Workaround


  1. Coalesce
  2. The Edison
  3. The Meeting Place
  4. The Shop


  1. Chuck Roast Venture Center
  2. Cojoe
  3. Corbin Mill Place (Liberty)
  4. Corridor 55
  5. Cowork Waldo
  6. Coworking KC
  7. CIC
  8. Exit 11 Workspace
  9. Firebrand Collective
  10. Garrett Coworking Center
  11. Hive 44
  12. Inspire 70 Coworking
  13. Iwerx
  14. Kansas City Coworking Alliance
  15. Lab 1500
  16. Nebula
  17. Nexcore
  18. Office Port KC
  19. Originate
  20. Rise (women)
  21. Techartista
  22. The Hatchery (with childcare)
  23. T-Rex
  24. U City Coworking


  1. Big Sky Cowork
  2. C3 Worklounge
  3. Fountainhead Coworking
  4. The Shop

Multiple Locations (look for a space in your State)

  1. BioLabs
  2. Blue 1647
  3. Buro
  4. Coalition Space
  5. Galvanize
  6. Green Desk
  7. Hera Hub (women)
  8. Impact Hub
  9. Industrious Office
  10. Intelligent Office
  11. Level Office
  12. Make Offices
  13. Office Evolution
  14. Premier Coworking
  15. Quest Workspaces
  16. Serendipity Labs
  17. Spaces
  18. Symphony Workspaces
  19. Techspace
  20. The Yard
  21. Venture X
  22. WeWork (dominent in the market with a $21 billion valuation and 212 spaces)
  23. Work Well Win


  1. Bench (artisans and builders)
  2. Commerce Village (green)
  3. Foundry (nonprofits and social business)
  4. Fuse Coworking
  5. Third Space (incl childcare)
  6. Thrive Space (includes sports)
  7. Trouvaille (women)
  8. Turbine Flats


  1. Bloom Vegas (women)
  2. Cooperate
  3. Fusion@Midtown
  4. Incubator Space
  5. Innevation
  6. Mountain Lab
  7. Mountain Workspace
  8. Reno Collective
  9. The Beacon CoWork
  10. The Coop
  11. The Office

New Hampshire

  1. Alpha Loft (Portsmouth and Manchester)
  2. Chuck Roast Venture Center (Conway)
  3. Cove Workspace (Portsmouth)
  4. New England Executive Center (Bedford)

New Jersey

  1. And Co (Jersey City)
  2. Bell Works (Holmdel)
  3. Bloom Childcare and Coworking (Bloomfield, with childcare)
  4. C3 Workplace (Monclair and Sparta)
  5. CoWerks (Asbury Park)
  6. Cranford Works (Cranford)
  7. Equal Space (Newark)
  8. Indie Grove (Jersey City)
  9. Juice Tank (Somerset)
  10. Kearny Point (Kearny)
  11. Kings Hall Coworking Space (Haddonfield)
  12. Mission 50 (Hoboken)
  13. NJ Office Share (Union City)
  14. The Coworking Space (Woodbridge)
  15. The Office Mill (Clinton)
  16. Paramus Coworking (Paramus)
  17. PrimeWork (Jersey City)
  18. US Executive Center (Englewood Cliffs)
  19. Work and Play (South Orange, with childcare)
  20. Work Social (Jersey City)

New Mexico

  1. Edge (Clovis)
  2. Fat pipe (Albuquerque +)
  3. Free Range (Albuquerque)
  4. Ideas & Coffee (Albuquerque)
  5. Project Y (Los Alamos)

New York

  1. Alley (NYC, with nursery)
  2. Beahive (Albany, Beacon)
  3. Blender Workspace (NYC)
  4. Blue Moose Club (Albany)
  5. Blueprint & Co (NYC)
  6. Bond Collective (NYC)
  7. Bridgeworks (Long Beach)
  8. Bronx Coworking Space (Bronx)
  9. Carlson CoWork (Rochester)
  10. Center for Social Innovation (NYC)
  11. Clinicube (NYC medical)
  12. CoWork Buffalo (Buffalo)
  13. CoWork@Grid (Rochester)
  14. District Cowork (NYC)
  15. Ensemble (NYC)
  16. Fueled Collective (NYC)
  17. Fuigo (NYC interior designers)
  18. Grid (Rochester)
  19. Her Sanctuary (Buffalo, women)
  20. iLoftSpace (NYC)
  21. Impact Hub (NYC)
  22. Innovation Center (Buffalo)
  23. Joynture (NYC)
  24. Kin Spaces (NYC)
  25. Koi Creative Space (White Plains)
  26. Made on State (Rochester, creative arts)
  27. Port 100 (Geneva)
  28. Primary (NYC)
  29. Projective (NYC)
  30. Saratoga CoWorks (Saratoga Springs)
  31. Space 530 (NYC)
  32. Spacious (NYC)
  33. Syracuse Coworks (Syracuse)
  34. Teem (Harlem)
  35. The Artist Coop (NYC performing artists)
  36. The Austin Space (NYC)
  37. The Farm (NYC)
  38. The New Work Project (Brooklyn)
  39. The Wing NYC women)
  40. The Productive (NYC)
  41. Troy Innovation Garage (Troy)
  42. Urban Co-Works (Schenectady, incl nonprofits)
  43. Work Better (NYC)
  44. Workville (NYC) http://www.workvilleny

North Carolina

  1. Advent Coworking (Charlotte)
  2. American Underground (Durham)
  3. Biz Hub (Shelby)
  4. Carrboro Creative Coworking (Carrboro)
  5. Cocotiv (Charlotte)
  6. CoWork Five Points (Raleigh)
  7. Cowork Uptown (Charlotte)
  8. Coworking on Main (Burlington)
  9. Coworking Station (Holly Springs)
  10. Fuquay Coworking (Fuquay-Varina)
  11. Grow (Wilmington)
  12. HQ Greensboro (Greensboro)
  13. HQ Raleigh (Raleigh)
  14. Hygge (Charlotte)
  15. Industrious (Raleigh)
  16. Launch Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill)
  17. Loading Dock (Raleigh)
  18. Mojo Coworking (Asheville)
  19. Nido Durham (Durham)
  20. Revolutionary Coworking (Fayetteville)
  21. The Assembly (Raleigh)
  22. The Cooperative (Graham)
  23. The Launch Factory (Charlotte)
  24. The Nest (Raleigh)


  1. Canton Workspace (Canton)
  2. Launch House


  1. Collective Agency
  2. Corvallis Foundry (Corvallis)
  3. Gaucho Collective (Klamath Falls)
  4. Hatch (Baker City)
  5. Indy Commons (Independence)
  6. Mind Works (Eugene)
  7. Peloton Labs


  1. Benjamin’s Desk
  2. Indy Hall


  1. ATX Factory
  2. Common Desk
  3. Geekdom
  4. Growthli (Houston)
  5. LaunchSA
  6. Link Coworking
  7. Splash Coworking
  8. TechRanch Austin
  9. The Hive
  10. The Work Lodge


  1. My Business Bar
  2. Work in Progress


  1. Coworking Plus
  2. Hinge
  3. KB Coworking
  4. Local 64
  5. Office Squared
  6. Ponyride
  7. Stowe Office Share
  8. Study Hall
  9. The Engine Room
  10. The Office Block
  11. Valley Works


  1. 804RVA
  2. Gangplank
  3. Play, Work or Dash


  1. Impact Hub Seattle
  2. Office Nomads
  3. The Inc
  4. Think Space
  5. Vibe Coworks  (Poulsbo)
  6. Work Progress

Washington DC

  1. Hera Hub
  2. The Wing


  1. Matrix Coworking


  1. 1776


  1. Coworkstation


PLEASE NOTE: If you make contact with any of these organizations, it would be very kind if you would tell them that you came to know about them through Thank you.

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